Advocacy is the act or process of pleading for, supporting, or recommending a cause or course of action. Advocacy may be for persons (whether as an individual, group, population, or society) or for an issue, such as potable water or global health. (ANA Code of Ethics -2015)

Every day, in countless large and small ways, you make the world a better place. These moments of everyday advocacy change lives by elevating the voices of vulnerable people, and improving conditions for those around you.

As the largest group of health professionals in America, and consistently the highest ranked in terms of ethical behavior by the public, nurses are in a unique position to influence the direction of both the profession and healthcare.

We're excited to share stories of how nurses have used their influence to shape and bring about change, both at the #BedsideAndBeyond.

We'll highligh different nurse advocates, tools, tips, and services through different lenses: from local to global, focusing on the impact and contribution of nurses at every level. Click through each of the themes below to learn more about how nurses are advocating in their communities, at the bedside and beyond.

Robert Reno

"As a safety committee member at my hospital, I stand up for a safe, healing environment."
Robert Reno, RN, BSN, Patient Advocacy: Taking Leadership to Ensure the Safety of Every Patient and their Families >>

Razvan N Preda

"Perseverance and working with dedicated people have been the key elements of our success."
Razvan N. Preda DNP, RN, Everyday Advocacy: Trauma funding and awareness >>

Peter S. Gray, BSN, RN

"Diligent advocacy yields unexpected, outsized results."
Peter S. Gray, BSN, RN, Everyday Advocacy: Connecting nurses >>

Tell us: how are YOU are making a difference at the #BedsideAndBeyond?

Have you spoken up for patient-focused process changes? Contributed to revising workplace policies? Served on a committee or board? Called, emailed, or met with elected officials? We want to hear about it!

Click here to share your story about being an everyday advocate.


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