Over the past 40 years, political action committees (PACs) have been widely used by like-minded individuals, including members of associations and employees of corporations, to pool their resources to support candidates running for political office. ANA-PAC exists to support federal candidates with voluntary contributions from its members since federal election law prohibits membership associations and corporations from doing so. Formed in the 1970s, the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees is organized as an unincorporated committee of the ANA Board of Directors and is comprised of active ANA members. ANA staff and the ANA-PAC Board of Trustees in consultation with the Constituent/State Nurses Associations work to identify candidates to support for federal office, regardless of party affiliation. The voluntary contributions received by ANA-PAC from its members are only used for political purposes and represent the thousands of registered nurses who support the PAC. Contributions to the PAC are not used for the administrative costs of the association and are wholly separate from the membership dues paid to ANA. While new types of political groups — including Super PACs and politically focused 501(c) (4) – organizations have become controversial and heavily regulated, PACs are considered a transparent and mainstream way to help fund increasingly expensive political campaigns and gain widespread political involvement from within association membership. ANA-PAC is the only vehicle by which ANA can provide support to federal candidates.