Everyday Advocacy: Therapy dogs for military families

"Connecting a community starts with one person!"

Cindy Brosig, RN, MSN
USAF Nurse Corps Veteran

As a US Air Force Nurse Corps Veteran, spouse of a Wisconsin Army National Guardsman, and mother of two children who have endured their father's multiple deployments, I have the privilege and passion to support military children and their family members.

My canine partner, Ted (pictured), and I, are a registered Therapy Dog team that visit military children in the community to bring awareness of the unique challenges they face and also to assist them in sharing their story of resilience.

After attending community meetings, connecting with our local and state newspapers, and participating in speaking engagements based on the current status of military children, we were able to enlist the support of the Wisconsin State Superintendent to designate a day in April 2017 for school leaders, teachers, and students, to wear purple in appreciation of the sacrifices of military children.

Connecting a community starts with one person!