Grassroots Advocacy: Amplifying the Voice of my Patients

"I find that in order to be active politically, I have had to think of it as an integral part of my practice."

Jessica Whelan, FPMHNP-BC

I decided after only a short time into my practice that I needed to be actively involved in policy change, specifically with regards to nurse practitioner scope of practice regulation. I found that sitting around discussing or lamenting about the restrictions was not an effective way to secure change.

I began by writing letters to my legislators and included willing patients’ signatures, all in an effort to obtain full practice authority for Nurse Practitioners. I regularly serve as a preceptor and mentor to future practitioners, hopefully instilling in them a passion for policy.

Additionally, I have been working on a white paper that could be used to educate and persuade legislators to remove practice barriers, which ultimately restrict access to care and choice of provider. Utilizing social media platforms to disseminate information is another great tool for educating and activating.