Judith Schmidt


Hometown Toms River, NJ
Expertise MSN, RN, CCRN

I believe ANA-PAC is an integral part of the ANA’s mission and vision. As nurses we need to realize that for positive progress to be made in the legislative arena, we need to support both financially and with our vote legislators who support our issues. ANA-PAC is your vehicle to ensure that the Profession of Nursing remains prominent in the discussions of any policies concerning health care issues.

I have been a member of ANA for over 30 years. My experience as a Registered Nurse ranges from direct care provider through educator through association manager. I have worked as a staff nurse in medical-surgical and critical care areas. I have been a clinical instructor for nursing students and a staff development instructor in a hospital. As a volunteer in the New Jersey State Nurses Association, I have held offices from Regional to State President. I believe all my varied experiences give me a broad understanding of the need for nursing to take the lead in ensuring that health care policies are implemented that provide easy access, high quality and cost effective care that Registered Nurses have advocated for decades.